Sentini Marine and V360 Maritime are leading the way in VR training with new Falmouth Marine School collaboration

Sentini Marine and V360 Maritime are excited to announce a collaboration project, where we will be working with Falmouth Marine School (FMS) to create a virtual learning environment and training modules for their MCA approved courses. The HNC Marine Engineering and Electrical students and Pendennis apprentices, will use all-in-one VR headsets and the MASTVR platform to access modules such as Engine Room Hazard Awareness, Generator Synchronisation, Hydraulic Watertight Door Operation, 3-Phase Electrical Motor Testing, SOPEP Equipment Familiarisation and Enclosed Space Entry, to prepare for scenarios that can’t be replicated in a classroom setting. A Bridge Watchkeeper Awareness module is also being specifically developed for the school, which will give the students and apprentices invaluable training opportunities before they take part in their first watch at sea.

The operational and emergency scenario-based modules will be partially randomised, forcing the students to react appropriately based on the real-life events that can occur.

The collaboration, which was facilitated through Emma Baggett at THE OM, offers a ground-breaking opportunity to embed V360 and Sentini Marine’s products in Higher Education and MCA accredited programs, specifically aimed at those wishing to enter into careers in the superyacht, renewable energies and maritime sectors

After seeing the enthusiasm of the HNC Marine Engineering students at the November taster day, and their willingness to participate in VR training, FMS saw the potential impact of immersive learning and its value within the marine school learning environment. Hearing comments such as, “I now know how to operate a hydraulic water-tight door in emergency mode” and “If they’d have used this way of teaching at school, I’d have learnt a lot more”, was the confirmation the school needed to push ahead with the project. Falmouth Marine School is known as The College of The Sea and is committed to being at the cutting edge of maritime training and education, working with V360 and Sentini Marine with the aim of future proofing its delivery in the long term.

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This project confirms the increasing interest for the use of immersive technology training by the maritime industry, blended with traditional training. Virtual Reality offers a unique opportunity not just for students and green crew, but to train experienced crew on a vessel that hasn’t yet been built, allowing time on specific equipment and machinery, reducing downtime and human error. The virtual experience can be bespoke, single assets or complete vessels.

The flexibility of the MASTVR modules allows joining crew to prepare for a vessel deployment from anywhere in the world, due to the off-the-shelf, remote, untethered VR hardware. A headset can be posted out to a new crew member, pre-loaded with a bespoke VR bridge or engine room in preparation for arrival onboard.

Sentini Marine Partner With V360 and Falmouth Marine School

The scale of opportunity that VR brings to the maritime sector can only really be appreciated when experienced. Just like the Falmouth Marine School students’ clients have gone from being mildly interested to blown away after just a few minutes in a virtual engine room.

If you would like to hear more about the VR modules or bespoke packages, get in touch to arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, Falmouth Marine School are running a Discovery Event on March 23 rd “Building Innovative and Sustainable Maritime Futures” at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth. This event will be an exciting opportunity to explore the development of emergent technology and innovation within the maritime sector with presentations, demonstrations and networking, and the chance to get hands on and experience the world of Virtual Reality training.

The event is by invitation only please contact if you would like to attend.

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