The Crew Network is the world’s longest-standing professional Crew Recruitment and Placement Agency, fully compliant with MLC regulations. Over three decades, their diverse, multilingual teams have effectively placed over 10,000 individuals in positions spanning from Deckhands to Master Mariners. This article focuses on their Fort Lauderdale office where you can find out all about their team, their ethos, and how they can help you.

About The Fort Lauderdale Office

Fort Lauderdale, the US capital of yachting and home to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, is where it all began over forty years ago for The Crew Network. Headed by one of the most experienced crewing managers in the industry, their yacht crew agency in Fort Lauderdale is located within the Fraser office and is close to marinas, yards, crew housing, restaurants and provisioning spots. Their experienced team of yacht crew agency consultants in Fort Lauderdale holds over 30 years’ knowledge in crew placement and works closely with strategically located global offices to find clients and crew the perfect match. 


Back in the days when a 30m yacht was huge, crew agencies were basically non-existent. Yacht crew were hired by word of mouth, and dock-walking was allowed worldwide. All of that changed in 1990 with the launch of Worldwide Yachting Services: The Crew Network in Fort Lauderdale.

After a vibrant career as a busy charter chef, Norma Trease decided to move home to DTL to start a crew agency that would do the job right.

Gathering her hard-earned charter tips, Norma rented an office on 17th Street, built out some office space and opened shop. In early days, CVs paper copies were sent by Fed Ex. The fax machine that followed was a big step forward. Using her college business experience, Norma launched Worldwide Yachting into computerization as soon as possible, and was one of the first yachting companies to set up email, a website and began to experiment with database development to digitally support business growth. This allowed a efficient operation between multiple offices, including Newport RI. European expansion began during the first decade. 

Lift off!

In depth knowledge of the yachting world was the hallmark of Worldwide Yachting’s success. Norma hired staff with onboard yachting experience, many of whom would stay for many years.

On to pastures new

After several years heading up the rapid expansion of The Crew Network, founder Norma Trease left the company in 2003, to spearhead crew magazine Dockwalk, soon followed by a long yacht journalism and business development career. She continues her fruitful journey in yachting as a business leader, Board Member Emeritus of International Superyacht Society, and serves on the Board of Trustees with ocean science group The International SeaKeepers Society.

Meet The Team

About Diane Leander

Few people in yachting have had as great an impact on the career success of crew candidates or the peace of mind for Owners and Captains across the worldwide fleet today as Diane Leander. Celebrating 25 years with TCN, Diane has placed many captains and crew on board yachts around the world.

Born in a small farming town in Ohio; Diane puts much of her success down to the strong work ethic and focus her parents instilled in her from an early age. A widely travelled and successful entrepreneur before joining TCN (she helped to launch a Spa/Salon at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, New York as well as a renowned skincare company still in operation today), Diane exemplifies the long-standing results that come with relationships built on trust.

As the highly respected Crewing Manager of the busy TCN Fort Lauderdale office, she takes the time to understand the goals, dreams and experiences of candidates so that Captains and Owners recruiting through TCN don’t simply benefit from quality crew…they benefit from quality crew that fit. Diane enjoys organic living, cooking with her own homegrown and reared organic produce as often as possible. She enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as many of her longest-standing clients.

About Iva Nyagolova

Iva graduated with a Master’s degree in Tourism Management before relocating to the United States from Bulgaria where she excelled as a Crewing Coordinator within the luxury cruise industry based in Florida.

Iva joined The Crew Network in 2018 where her commercial crewing experience has been put to good use in sourcing the best quality crew for TCN clients and their yachts as well as helping crew in their search for the most suitable positions and career options.

Whenever she has free time, Iva loves travelling to new places and exploring new cities.

About Maribel Mercado Briones

Maribel joined TCN in 2022 as a Crewing Consultant bringing with her maritime knowledge and customer service skills.

Maribel has a variety of work experiences making her adept at understanding all facets of crewing and client requirements. She has cooked in summer camps, travelled the world onboard cruise ships working as a server, as well as been a program administrator and event coordinator.

Maribel has a bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching and continues to make time to teach as this is something she highly enjoys. She speaks Spanish and English.

What They Can Offer

With over 120,000 candidates registered and 4000 plus clients, they are a solid company that does its best for crew. They conduct in-person interviews, and meet crew and clients whenever it is possible. They pride ourselves in being a “Caring” crew agency and try hard to communicate regularly with clients and crew, and to find the right crew for the right job.


The Fort Lauderdale office number: +1 954 712 7170

The Crew Network website:

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