The Crew Network is the world’s longest-standing professional Crew Recruitment and Placement Agency, fully compliant with MLC regulations. Over three decades, their diverse, multilingual teams have effectively placed over 10,000 individuals in positions spanning from Deckhands to Master Mariners. This article focuses on their Viareggio office where you can find out all about their team, their ethos, and how they can help you.

Viareggio. Image sourced from: Citalia

About The Viareggio Office

The Crew Network’s Viareggio office is the oldest and one of the most established superyacht crewing agencies office operating in Italy.

Crewing Manager Alessandro D’Angelo is here to tell us about the office:

“The Viareggio office was established in 2005, and I joined in 2006 with a background as 1st Officer on cruise ships, which has proven beneficial for crew recruitment. My team consists of three members: Elena and Giovanna. Elena has been with us for 9 yrs and Giovanna for one. We work collaboratively to provide exceptional crew placement services, leveraging my experience in the marine industry and our collective expertise to meet the needs of our clients effectively.”

Meet the team

Elena Guggio is Crewing Consultant

Alessandro D’Angelo is Crewing Manager

Giovanna Martins is Crewing Consultant

Which areas do they cover?

The team in Viareggio serves clients from the South of Italy up to the French Riviera and neighbouring islands.

What they can offer 

With their extensive industry experience and expertise, they offer personalised service to different clients, understanding the specific preferences and requirements for their extensive network of seafarers.


The Viareggio office number: +39 0584 39 54 74

The Crew Network website:

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