Wilsonhaligan Recruitment is here to explain the importance of a good reference. Prospective candidates often question the significance of references and whether recruitment agencies truly invest effort in verifying them. Frequently, the phrase “references available on request” is casually appended to CVs without much consideration regarding the identity of these referees or the potential testimonies they might offer.

Part Of The Vetting Process

At Wilsonhaligan, and indeed elsewhere, reference validation constitutes a crucial aspect of the vetting process and frequently serves as the decisive factor in candidates securing job offers from clients. References not only validate the information provided in CVs and discussed during telephone interviews but also offer valuable insights into a candidate’s suitability as a crew member, which holds significant weight in environments characterised by close living and working proximity.

When applying for a position, it’s imperative to meticulously consider who your references will be and ensure their accessibility. Few things are more frustrating than acing an interview only to lack reliable and credible references to substantiate your qualifications. References can substantially influence whether you receive that coveted job offer.

Don’t Forget To Provide Contact Information!

While written references are beneficial and can be included with your CV, it’s equally essential to provide the names and contact information of referees who can offer verbal references. Contact your referees beforehand to confirm their willingness to provide a reference, and it’s courteous to inform them to expect inquiries when you apply for a new position. This proactive approach expedites the application process, enabling us to promptly furnish the client with pertinent information.

Captains and Heads of Departments lead busy lives, and their circumstances may change, so it’s crucial to ensure their contact details are current each time you embark on your job search and verify their willingness to be contacted.

Ensure that your references are pertinent to the job role you’re pursuing. If you’re new to the industry, references from relevant shore-based positions or those demonstrating transferable skills are acceptable, as are appropriate character references.

Unable To Provide A Reference?

If, for any reason, you’re unable to obtain a reference from a specific yacht, please let the appropriate parties know. We understand that some yachts may have policies prohibiting reference provision or that occasional departures may have occurred under unfavorable circumstances. By communicating such situations, we can relay this information to the client.

By adhering to these straightforward guidelines, you significantly enhance your chances of securing your dream job. Best of luck!

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