Often Superyacht chefs get caught up in planning meals for guests during a charter and their brains go blank when it comes to deciding what to cook for the crew on board. To help you out this charter season, we spoke to three Superyacht chefs who were happy enough to share their yacht crew meal ideas for fellow chefs looking for a bit of inspiration.

Chef Sara Faria Lubliner

Superyacht Chef Sara Lubliner

“When thinking about crew meals I prefer to do options that can turn into completely different styles and moods. I work usually on motor yachts with +/- 50m, so this is for this size but I have that in mind when in bigger vessels too and just have more options and bigger portions. Therefore I divide dishes into:”

  • leaf salad
  • grains salad
  • a couple of dressing on the side
  • one carbohydrate
  • hot vegetarian protein dish
  • animal protein
  • a couple of vegetable sides.

“This is the basic thought, keeping that in mind I will apply this to a theme, and on my last vessels, the all-time favorites were: Mexican, Indian, and poke. Keeping more options and variety when people are feeling like a “cleaner” lighter meal they can just do a big salad and add the protein and cooked vegetables to it for instance. For the crew that cannot live without their carb portion, they can have a little of everything. And the same for the ones that are more plain eaters; then they can choose the meat, carb and cooked vegetable option. A good variety as well makes sure everyone is getting all the vitamins the body needs. And obviously happy and healthy people work better and have a better quality of living.”

Superyacht Chef SaraSara Lubliner shares yacht crew meal ideas | Superyacht Content

Chef Luca Mansueto

Chef Luca Mansueto - Yacht Crew Meal Ideas | Superyacht Content

“On charter, there’s normally limited time to enjoy a meal, whatever the crew can scoop into a bowl will be a win, such as:”

  • Chicken curry with couscous salad
  • Beef stew with veggies and rice
  • Pasta (with whatever type of sauce)
  • Shrimp ceviche or tuna
  • Pies or quiche (ham&mushrooms or pumpkin or ricotta and spinach)
  • Hamburgers, Pizza, or Hot dogs (good solution when the guests fancy some, making more for the crew will be appreciated)
  • Salads (with plenty of ingredients will give the chance to the stewardess to have a nutritious light meal)
  • Roast beef and potatoes (great for those hungry deckhands)
  • Poke Bowls

Yacht Chef Dean Harrison

Yacht chef Dean Harrison | Superyacht Content

“I absolutely love curry and love cooking it even more. The depths of spices and flavours makes for a super comforting dinner for the crew. Especially if you want to make the English happy but you may confuse the Americans.”

For a crew curry night I would cook:

  • Dahl
  • Saag paneer
  • Chicken tikka
  • Prawn masala
  • Channa masala
  • Steamed rice
  • Naan
  • Pappadum’s
  • Chutneys
  • Salsas
  • Pickles
Yacht crew meal ideas | Superyacht Content

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