With the summer season fully upon us, it’s important for your crew to stay cool and comfortable onboard, especially when cruising in areas such as the Mediterranean where temperatures rise to stifling levels. Keeping comfortable in the heat begins with the right kind of yacht crew uniform. In this blog, Fast R Yachtwear provide a breakdown of the best types of fabric in their catalogue for staying cool this summer, without compromising on style.

Read on to discover the best fabrics for keeping cool onboard, their properties and some highlights from the FastR lookbook.


Polyester has a natural ability to draw moisture away from the body, making it an ideal choice for warmer climates. The liquid is quickly distributed to the fabric face where it dries quickly, ensuring the wearer is cool and comfortable. This is why most sportswear is made from Polyester fabrics, and why it’s an ideal choice for yacht crew uniform. This fabric is most ideal for Deck crew who are likely to be closest to the water during the season.

Here are the main benefits of wearing Polyester onboard:

  • Inherent wicking properties
  • This wicking ability is great for summer showers, polyester will dry super quick after a quick downpour
  • Strong but lightweight fibres produce a lightweight but durable fabric 
  • Easy care fabric, dries quickly and requires little or no ironing
  • It is also stain resistant, due to the wicking properties stains don’t soak into the fibres and can be easily lifted out of the fabric
  • Takes dye easily so produces bright and vibrant colours that are fade resistant after washing – Your clothing will stay looking newer for longer. 
  • Perfect performance fibre
Kariban Ladies’ Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt
Kariban Mens Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt
SOL’S Ladies Sporty Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt
SOL’S Mens Sporty Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

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Cotton is a naturally breathable fibre which is odour resistant, making it an ideal hot weather fabric for Yacht Crew, especially when it is constructed into light airy woven fabrics.

The main benefits of cotton uniform items are:

  • Hypoallergenic sustainable natural fibre, perfect for sensitive skins 
  • It is compostable, meaning Cotton naturally breaks down in soil
  • Super strong fibre actually gets stronger when wet
  • Fire resistant, cotton burns while manmade fibres melt
  • Highly pil resistant, cotton fabrics tend to bobble less than synthetic fabrics

However, there are some things to consider when choosing cotton Yacht uniform:

  • Can be washed at high temperatures however colours tend to fade, and 100% cotton fabrics have a tendency to shrink
  • Cotton also requires special care; it takes a lot of time to dry and usually requires ironing.
  • Creasing can be an issue especially in woven fabrics, the addition of elastane will help
Kariban Ladies Short-Sleeved V-Neck T-Shirt
Kariban Mens Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt
Nimbus Ladies Harvard Stretch Deluxe Polo Shirt
Nimbus Mens Carlington Deluxe Long Sleeve Polo

Poly Blends

A Polyester Cotton blend can offer the best of both fibres. The breathability and strength of Cotton combined with the easy-care properties and strong colour retention of Polyester could make Poly Blend an excellent option for Yacht Crew uniform.

Some main benefits of Poly Blend Fabrics:

  • Mixes cotton fibres with polyester fibres, usually 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester.
  • Stronger, more customisable and more versatile than 100% Cotton
  • Doesn’t naturally stick to the skin like 100% Polyester
Men's HD T is perfect yacht crew uniform for summer
Russell Men’s HD T
Ladies Polo is perfect yacht crew uniform for summer
Kustom Kit Ladies Klassic Polo

To see the full Fast R Yachtwear catalogue, visit their website.

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