Waste is unfortunately a word synonymous with the Superyacht industry.  If we are being brutally honest Superyachts themselves represent waste but, let’s not go down that road today.

Superyacht Crew are showing a huge interest in reducing on board waste. This is something that Alex Howard, founder of Circular Maritime, not only took to heart but took one step further he;

Quit his job and decided to stop the waste!

Alex was First officer on a Superyacht. Like many of us he experienced waste first hand. He was particular touched by the high level of waste associated with items like t shirts. Yachts go through a LOT of crew uniform and they are often simply thrown away when they are finished with.

Most waste clothing ends up in landfill!

A dump truck of clothing goes to landfill every second of every day! Very few used clothes are recycled or re used.

It was this specific kind of waste that Alex felt strongly about and he decided to try and make a change! Alex created Circular Maritime with one goal in mind.

Create a sustainable solution to Yacht Crew uniform

Not an easy task we are sure you will agree but, it looks like he’s done it!

So, what does Circular Maritime do?

  • They supply T shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies and long sleeve t’s.
  • Everything comes from sustainable suppliers which could be traced all the way back to cotton production.
  • All the products are printed to order
  • No minimum orders so no need to order too much.  .. . . . . . . . No Waste!
  • Every customer has the chance to recycle products when they have finished with them
  • All returned items are recycled into new products. How cool is that?

“Everything we make is designed to be returned and recycled. Instead of producing waste we make new products from it. It’s a circular supply chain” Says Alex Howard of his innovative and exciting concept.

Start small and grow

Alex has found a solution to a problem we are all aware of. Therefore he has taken steps to help the Superyacht industry limit the amount of waste it produces. For this, we should ALL be grateful.

So, when it comes to your next uniform order, don’t just take the “usual” option. Why not do something to help the industry, the planet and an ex yachtie with a conscience and a GREAT idea. Order your new t shirts from Circular Maritime. We DID.

How do we order?

It’s pretty simple to be honest. Alex and his team are waiting to hear from you via his website here. Have a chat with the Circular team, send them your designs they will get back to you with proofs and pricing. Then, you make amendments, agree the design and voila, your sustainable yacht crew uniform journey has begun.

Is it the Future?

Of course it is. We love the fact that crew are taking waste so seriously. So seriously that they are actually quitting their jobs to try and make a difference. The world needs more people like this and we commend Alex and his team for their commitment.

The journey

We will be following Alex and Circular Maritime on their journey in our Life after Yachting/Crew mess sections Keep following to see how they get on. Or, better yet contact Circular Maritime and order some shirts. This way you become part of that journey!

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