After several years of development, YMS 360 has officially launched and is already receiving excellent feedback. The fully comprehensive onboard software is capable of tackling all areas of daily Superyacht operations seamlessly. Here, Scott Strand, CEO of Triton Development, Inc. and YMS 360 founder, talks us through some of his favourite features of the app, including the ultra-efficient Inventory Systems and the Safety and Inspection modules.

SYC: YMS 360 has officially launched, what is the Software’s USP?

YMS: Our application is specifically tailored to accommodate the requirements of running a large modern yacht by placing the yacht’s needs first.

SYC: What are some of your personal favourite features about the platform?

YMS: Some of my favourite features include: all to-dos and any actionable tasks found in one place with oversight for department heads. Also, our tasks are assignable to a person, position or department.

We have chat collaboration built right into the app. We offer the only ‘WYSIWIG’ log books that are fully customisable and integrated into your 3rd party monitoring system.

We are the only application to offer Spares & Inventory modules that are purpose-built for each department, incorporating a replenishment application that makes keeping on top of your inventories a breeze.

SYC: Talk us through the inventory feature, how is used across all departments onboard?

YMS: Our Inventory application seamlessly integrates with our purchasing module. With this, you can build, place and track orders. When you receive items, they are added to your inventory in one step.

You can also design your own purchasing workflow, for example; if you need to step through a vetting process to receive bids or require approval from purchasing.

Our app can leverage the barcoding and labelling of the products or you can create your own labels. This makes stock-taking extremely efficient.

Interior staff can easily keep an inventory of uniforms with sizes, colours, etc. Safety officers can keep track of medical supplies with expirations and prescription tagging.

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There is no other app that offers this flexibility. Our app makes it very straightforward to drill into your data by any or all departments, functions, stowage locations, related systems, related equipment, usage levels, etc.

Filters are built in to allow you to keep on top of what is running low and you may choose to add these items to a ‘shopping cart’ where you can generate a purchase order or add to an existing order. Our app works with all popular import formats and we have vast experience getting large amounts of data into the database, fully documented, labelled and photographed (if desired).

Along with the core application we are actively designing side kick apps such as a stock take application that will allow users perform this function in minutes rather than days.

“Our system is geared to how you work, not how it wants you to work.”

SYC: How does the app assist the crew in ensuring their vessel is compliant?

YMS: Our system is geared to how you work, not how it wants you to work.

We have built-in Hours of Rest tracking and continue to improve our safe-manning recording
Our SMS Content Platform controls required documents, forms and reports. Users are issued roles of authorship, approval and publishing. There is full and complete version control. Unlike virtually all other systems, YMS360 lets you work in any common format (word processors, spreadsheets, PDF, even HTML if you prefer!).

Our safety and inspection modules are the most versatile in the market. Users can define rich checklists that stand alone or can be related to equipment items. Defects and corrective actions can be created on the fly. All are logged and auditable. You get to define your own parameters with everything

SYC: Have you had any feedback so far from those who have booked demos?

YMS: We have received really great feedback both in compliments and constructive suggestions – which we take very seriously. We’ve just returned recently from a successful tour at the Monaco Yacht Show and will be at FLIBS and METS. Our existing customers are anxious to convert to YMS360 and we’ve had many, many new clients join. We’re very excited to close out 2023 with an active client list and continue improving YMS360 into 2024 and beyond.

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