With a vast amount of experience working onboard Superyachts, the team at YMS 360 understand fully how certain technologies can benefit daily operations onboard. Developed over several years, YMS 360 aims to be the go-to software for all it requires to successfully and seamlessly run a Superyacht, from crew management to progress tracking of new-build vessels – the software has been designed to tackle all areas with ease.

In this article, Scott Strand, CEO of Triton Development, Inc, shares with us the journey of the product so far, including some of the biggest challenges of development and how he hopes YMS 360 will break new ground and dominate the market of Superyacht tech.

SYC: Firstly, can you explain YMS 360 and its uses?

Scott Strand: YMS 360 is the next generation of vessel management software from the developers of Triton Administrator. We developed the very first comprehensive ERP software for the yachting industry over 25 years ago.

Our software helps crew, managers, owners, and other stakeholders manage all aspects of maintaining a modern yacht in today’s ever-evolving complex landscape of regulatory compliance and day-to-day operations required to efficiently own, manage and run the vessel.

Our software includes modules for compliance (ISM, customs & immigration, safe-manning, HR functions, etc), planned maintenance and project management, inventory, purchasing & stock control, integration with other systems, all record-keeping, and much more. Our software is a life-cycle product that aids stakeholders from the conception of yacht construction through full operations.

SYC: What initially motivated you to develop this software, where did you discover the gap in the market?

SS: In the 1990s nothing was available that met the growing complexities of efficiently keeping a yacht operational. We originally developed the software to meet the day-to-day needs of a vessel (maintenance, inventories, expenses, crew management). We quickly evolved to tackle the myriad complexities of the construction process and maintenance periods.

“YMS 360 is the complete solution. We tailored our product for the very specific demands of the maritime yachting industry”

SYC: How does YMS 360 fill that particular gap?

YMS 360 is the complete solution. We tailored our product to the very specific demands of the maritime yachting industry.  Whether it be crew management or organising the collaboration and tracking of a new build. YMS provides the tools that very specifically create efficiencies, allowing yacht professionals the time and information to make well-informed decisions.

SYC: Can you share with us the initial stages of developing the software? Where did it all begin?

SS: We originally started the concept process when still working as crew. We identified gaps and mapped out what the goals of the software needed to be. At the same time, we have been able to use the feedback from our broad customer base to add features and improvements to meet the needs of the yachting industry. 

From there, we take to the project manager to design the logic flows and wireframes (conceptual visualisation of the user interface (UI)). We worked with just the greatest design team – FRAM – from Sophia. Once we had our designs settled upon, we then took it to the dev team to code. 

Perhaps our greatest strength is that we’ve been doing this for a very long time. We have pioneered what is now commonplace in our industry. I can see elements and concepts that we developed in all our competitors. For example, I see products with new features that we pioneered over a decade ago.

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“The marketplace is now more competitive than ever. This challenges us to take our product to even higher levels of technology, support, and partnerships”

SYC: What have been some of the biggest challenges so far on this journey?

SS: One of our biggest challenges is really one of the benefits for our customers. The marketplace is now more competitive than ever. This challenges us to take our product to even higher levels of technology, support, and partnerships.

SYC: What do you hope for the future of YMS 360?

SS: I am hopeful that YMS 360 will continue to break new ground and be a sector leader. I’d like to see our product continue to create better and better collaborations with other tech and industry channels. I think we’re off to a good start.  Given our long time in the industry, we have been able to develop great relationships and partnerships along the way.

SYC: What positive changes do you hope to see in the industry as a whole?

SS: From the perspective of YMS 360, I think we are on the cusp of an exponential leap forward in the yacht industry from a technological point of view. This technology should involve more amazing integrations and garner greater operational efficiencies.  Create a safer and sustainable professional environment, and in general, keep yachting at the forefront of being a positive force in the world.

SYC: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to develop their own software or set up their own business out of yachting?

SS: Business is a team sport. Build a good team. Don’t be afraid to delegate. A dedicated team will help you materialise your vision. At the same time, take care of the “business of your business.” By this I mean ensure you keep control and don’t give your time away at the expense of running the tight ship of your business strategy.

SYC: What is next for YMS 360? Where will we see you next?

SS: We are gearing up for our official launch of YMS 360 ahead of trade show season. Very literally, you’ll be seeing us on a yacht near you soon!

To learn more about YMS 360, visit their website.

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