As the world contemplates the realities of life after Lockdown, we look for international inspiration for rebalancing our wellness levels and making a return to luxury travel adventures: mind, body, soul and boat.
The team at Pelorus (experiential travel and yacht expedition specialists) have been busy dreaming up incredible experiences that encourage you to consider the wellness of your mind, body and soul before you throw yourself back into modern life. These experiences offer a sense of escapism; culturally immersive, spiritually engaging and physically rewarding.

The wilderness of British Columbia offers total escapism. Rejuvenate your soul amongst these coastal rainforests and bring your mind and body into balance with fantastic food, indulgent spa treatments and memorable experiences. Realign with nature in this epic landscape of mountains, rainforest and ocean.
British Columbia has an impressive array of geological features: swim in epic alpine lakes that are surrounded by endless evergreens, or take advantage of the natural spa and dip your toes in the warm water of the hot springs.
To add a health-focused spin, try hiking through the spectacular forests or kayaking across the pristine waters. Paddle along the serene shores watching for bears, seals, and eagles. If you’re visiting between April and October, it’s not uncommon to see humpback whales playing with their young and orcas breaching out of the water – it’s a mesmerising sight that will give you much to talk about before settling in to watch the sunset from the aft deck.

Reconnect with nature

Not a place that often features on a list of yachting destinations, but Oman is a country of diverse landscapes steeped in natural beauty. Viewed from the water, the coastline gives a different perspective on this destination, which is a breeding ground for dolphins and a stop-off point for migrating whales.
With magnificent mountains and sun-scorched deserts, an adventure to Oman’s ‘Empty Quarter’ is a true exercise in escapism. The Empty Quarter is a huge stretch of unbroken sand desert where, on an expedition with Pelorus, you will find a luxury tented camp waiting for you – an oasis of comfort that will appear as if conjured from thin air. As the sun sets on the amber-hued dunes, your Bedouin hosts will show you how to reconnect with the earth and teach you the ancient art of desert reading, uncovering the sand’s myriad of secrets. If you’ve scope left to absorb more awe-inspiring moments, raise your eyes to the sky by nightfall and enjoy a window on the universe unblemished by light pollution.

Oman sand dunes

Exploring Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands by yacht is an escapist experience in itself but why not take a few days to venture inland to Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest where you can completely detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, clear your mind and reconnect with nature.
Pelorus recommend a stay at Mashpi lodge, a remote and tranquil retreat where peaceful birdsong provides the perfect soundtrack to your wellness experience. Here, a wellness specialist will assess your needs, physical fitness and personal goals to design a bespoke and entirely personalised programme to help you on your journey.
The indigenous communities found in the heart of the Amazon practice ancient traditions and observe a great unison with their natural surroundings as they go about their day-to-day lives. Speak to the Pelorus team about an immersive experience where you can witness a culture and way of life that’s totally removed from your life at home, it will inspire you to reassess priorities and pastimes.

Wellness retreat lodge in Ecuador

Cruise through Svalbard’s isolated archipelago of frozen tundra, chasing the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. Svalbard’s imposing terrain and dramatic glaciers present an unparalleled yachting experience that offers a true sense of serenity.
This lunar-like world is a marvel of nature. With no sign of civilisation as far as the eye can see, adventure ashore and join internationally recognised experts to traverse the ice on snowmobiles. Explore at your own pace and keep a watchful eye for polar bears.
As part of your itinerary, make passage for 82 Degrees North – this is the most northerly point it is possible to reach by yacht and very few superyachts have ever been this far. Here, in genuine isolation, the constraints of modern life are easily forgotten as you take in the endless expanse of the Norwegian wilds.

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