Want to know the secret to a happy crew and harmonious onboard living? We ask superyacht stewardess Gina Moody for her tricks and tips to keep a boat running ship shape. Gina and her fellow crewmembers have been aboard 43m BINA together for two years, and intend to maintain that status quo well into the year to come!

Let it go – Don’t sweat the small stuff!!

Quite often, a crew member will do something that really annoys someone else: Someone forgets to put their plate in the dishwasher, or leaves their personal items in the crew mess – who cares – it takes you 30 seconds to sort it out for them, and they’re sure to appreciative that you have.
If the incident keeps happening, address it with your fellow crewmember directly before you lose your cool. Arguments that can be avoided are best avoided.

Photo Credit: Blueiprod

Have a laugh!

Life’s too short to be serious ALL the time. Find time to kick back and have a good laugh about something, and share it with everyone – it’s amazing what the spread of endorphins can do when people are having a crappy day!


Life onboard requires everyone to work together in order to achieve the same end goal: A successful charter; an enjoyable boss trip; a productive yard visit or smooth crossing, etc. It’s always a happier environment onboard when everyone pitches in and helps out. For our crew, there’s no such statement as “it’s not my job”! – the stewardesses will help with lines, fenders and anchors, and the deck crew and engineers will help collect dishes, and clear aft deck areas etc. Everyone pitches in when necessary and it creates a positive team vibe!

Appreciate personal space

We live in such close proximity to one another, and spend all day every day with each other, so when time off does come around, although a crew dinner or team activity is always nice, sometimes it’s important for crew to escape each other and spend time away from the boat by themselves.

Birthdays and treats

More often than not, crew will find themselves away from their family and friends for their birthdays. On these special occasions, anything you can do to make their day better is going to be appreciated. Aboard Bina, we make a big deal of birthdays, with homemade birthday cards and a small, thoughtful gift from the team. We decorate the crew mess with balloons and banners and, of course, we have cake!

Everyone has food or drink that reminds them of home or perhaps just a favourite comfort food. Biltong, condiments, drinks, chocolates, biscuits, etc, making an effort to get some onboard every now and then boosts the moral levels and that excitement at life’s small pleasures can be infectious! Positive vibes = Positive team!!

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