Top 5 Safety Tips For Watersports With Guests

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Inflating, deflating, launching, re-launching, towing, stowing, spotting, rinsing, repeating…Sound familiar? Superyacht guest water-sport days at their finest! 
For deck teams, organising watersports with guests can be challenging. One guest is playing James Bond on the jet ski, another is paddle boarding in a secluded bay, some kids are being towed around on the doughnut, and the owner is taking their morning laps on the boat. Things can get hectic, but safety is always the first concern regarding watersports onboard. Whether juggling different-sized life vests, or explaining the role of a kill cord, these top 5 safety tips for watersports days with guests will help. 

1. Always pre-check equipment 

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You do not want to send guests diving deep underwater with a Seabob without checking everything thoroughly. Ensure you do standard safety checks on every bit of the watersport equipment you are giving out. These checks should involve both visual and physical. Even if they are just swimming, have a safety line set up and buoyancy aids available. 

2. Size it up 

Superyacht Lifejackets - Safety Tips For Watersports

Make sure you give them the correct safety equipment and wear for what they are doing. You should always have a mixed size of life vests on hand to give out to each guest using particular toys. Ensure the guests know exactly how to wear and operate the life vest. 

3. Demonstrate where necessary 

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A guest may think they know how to operate the latest model of the Seabob, but it will make your life a lot easier (and safer) if you are certain they know what they are doing. Give a demonstration of the equipment, how to start, stop and control it, and the safety measures they should take. You don’t want to waste their time, so keep it short and sweet; safety should follow. 

4. Be knowledgable  

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To ensure the guest’s safety, you must know what they are planning. Whether they are kayaking to a bay out of sight, scuba diving from the tender, taking the seabob for an underwater dive or simply enjoying the inflatables, it is important to know their plan, any restrictions, the weather and sea conditions. If you are aware of any restrictions and the weather conditions, you will be able to determine which watersports are safe for them to do so. If they are going further from the boat, have a spotter on hand to keep an eye on them or even give and show them how to work a radio if they go out of sight.

5. Keep a watchful eye 

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Lastly on our list of the top 5 Safety Tips For Watersports, when guests are playing in the water, you should have taken all the necessary precautions and safety procedures. For example, ensure the tender is in the water for potential rescues. It is also essential to always have a member of the deck team on the swim platform to help launch and stop the toys when needed. Whether standing by in the tender, driving the tender for watersports or on the swim platform, always be on the lookout for anything that could cause danger. 

Although watersports are fun and the guests may want to do exactly it is they want, safety is always the number one concern, not just their safety but for the boat and rest of the crew also. For more resources on safety, check out the guidance and advice from the RYA.

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