Moving your money from country to country can be a daunting prospect with so many things to consider. A CrewFO partner is here with our top 5 tips to manage your currency exchange effectively.

Speak To An Independent Currency Specialist

Their services are normally completely free of charge and they will take time to understand your specific requirements and priorities. They can then provide bespoke solutions, saving you money and time while reducing your risk.

Open A Multi-Currency Account

Most brokers can help you open a multi-currency account. This gives you a single set of account details, in your name, which can accept different currencies as needed. You can hold multiple currencies at the same time and keep an eye on your balances online or via an app with ease.

Secure Your Transactions

Always check your funds are safe and secure. If you are using a currency broker it is easy to check with the relevant regulatory body (such as the FCA register in the UK) to ensure they have the correct regulations and e-money licences in place.

Prevent Fraud

Always double check bank account details. If you receive bank details via email or via an online platform always contact the provider or the beneficiary and confirm the details by phone.

Choose The Right Payment Method

There are many different payment methods available for different countries and currencies with many nuances in terms of speed, volume and fees. Always check with a currency specialist to make sure you are using the most efficient payment method for your specific requirement.

Following these basic tips can save you time, money and stress. It is a common misconception that speaking with a broker for additional help and guidance will end up costing more money but this is not the case. There are a few independent brokers out there who will help you navigate the currency market and ensure you follow all the tips laid out above with no cost or obligation.

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