The coolest chase boat ever?

Could the Windy SLR60 be the coolest chase boat you have ever seen?

Everyone knows the Windy SR52 Blackbird don’t they? It was one of the best chase boats ever made. Designed by Ed Dubois and released to the world in 2010. The SR52 became the “go to” chase boat for yacht owners looking for something a bit more special. And, as we all know has been a great success ever since. Owners love them, and crew want to work on yachts that have them!

Fast forward 10 years and Windy is at it again!

The new Windy SLR60 is here. Designed by Malcolm McKeon, who was heavily involved with the SR52. The Windy SLR60’s designed to be the ultimate Superyacht Chase tender.

How’s it better?

Well. It’s bigger, and is a thorough re-design. But also stays true to Windy’s commitment to design, quality, comfort and sea keeping abilities.


  • Length:         18.18m
  • Beam:           4.53m
  • Draft:            1.25m
  • Fuel:             4250 litres
  • Speed:          44 Knots
  • Range:          850nm @ 25 Knots
  • Engines:       Triple Volvo Penta with IPS 650 drives

Fully Bespoke

The Windy SLR60, as you would expect is available with a fully bespoke options package. This includes, paint, layout, interior and engine options. So, just like the mothership, it can be customised to suit the requirements of each individual owner.

When can I have one?

New Chase boats like the Windy SRL60 don’t come along every day. We know a few yachts will be desperate to get their hands on one! Hull #001 is well underway at the Windy yard in Sweden. Unveiling is due in September 2021. Hull #002 will start construction in May 2021 for delivery in 2022.

Ready to order?

Those who already know the legendary SR52 will be ready to order. If this is you, or you would like learn more follow this link. Superyacht Tenders are currently taking orders for this exclusive and very special boat. Their team will be happy to run through the full spec and options with you and, when you are ready, place your order. Hull #002 is available to order now!

We can’t wait to see it in September!

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