Who is the face behind The Yacht Mogul?

Having amassed over 855k followers on Instagram, Denis Suka, aka The Yacht Mogul has become the world’s largest yachting profile. Our latest interview reveals a little more about himself, the concept behind his latest Superyacht design, as well as his top 3 tips for aspiring yachting influencers.

1) When did you begin “The Yacht Mogul” and what inspired you to do so?

Founded in 1 May 2018 by Denis Suka, The Yacht Mogul is a well-known, fast-growing, and respected profile in the yachting world and beyond. Living on a beautiful Greek island (Rhodes),  I saw different yachts in the harbour and my interest in yachts kept growing. I wanted to learn more about this secretive world. So I thought of the best way to turn my passion for yachts into inspiration for other people, and to learn more myself. And, came up with The Yacht Mogul on Instagram.

2) What services do you provide?

In my early days, I used to advertise boats for other companies. But then I realized that there was a bigger opportunity in yacht sales and charters. So, I decided to focus on that. One month after, I made my first successful sale, then my first charter in Marbella. And after that, I made a sale in the USA where I sold a boat in one week from publication. I work closely with private collectors and brokerage houses in order to give my clients the best experience when buying a yacht, building a new one, or chartering. So, all in all, I provide boat/yacht sales, new build, and charters across Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.

3) Who is your target audience in the Superyacht industry and how do you make sure your content aligns with what they’re looking for?

My target audience in yachting is the key people in the industry, such as current yacht owners, future yacht owners, people who support me, and it also includes some celebrities/public figures. I believe I know my audience very well and always read their comments to understand what they like to see and that’s how I have been growing really fast.

4) How has the success of becoming an influencer changed your life and have there been any downfalls along your journey so far?

It has definitely changed a lot of things. From connecting with key people in yachting and other industries to getting invitations for private events and yacht shows from different companies. It also made me rank on top yachting figures in press publications and many other benefits.

Of course, all of it is built with hard work and dedication for yachting. 2 years ago I lost my profile and it took me more than a month to get it back. Everyone I asked was telling me that it was impossible, but I never gave up. There have definitely been more downfalls that people might not see, but I had to deal with everything in order to hold my profile and name high. Everything comes with a price.

4) Back in January, you teamed up with Abbasli design studio to launch the “MOGUL10”
Yacht Concept. What was the concept behind your 252ft Yacht Design?

The Yacht Mogul

The concept behind the design was to create something unique and add some features that have not been applied on a yacht before. I proposed the idea to Ucal (the designer) to launch a yacht concept collaboration. He liked the idea so it worked out really well. As we got a lot of interest from the yachting industry and media press, we believe the project will soon make its way to a shipyard. Where it will come alive after 2-3 years and be ready for a lucky owner to enjoy the lifestyle onboard with family and friends.

5) Was that the biggest achievement in your career so far? If not, what have you accomplished that is the most significant?

It’s the second yacht I launch in the last 2 years, but yes I can say it was quite an achievement to launch a 77.7-meter yacht and to get such attention and amazing feedback! I can however count several accomplishments during the 4 years in yachting and that’s the reason I keep working hard every day. To improve and achieve higher goals in yachting and life.

6) Do you have any individuals within the yachting industry who have inspired you over the last few years?

There are a few individuals that I admired for their work, especially their yacht designers. But, I always had my vision of what I wanted to achieve… As for the social media part, I always did things my own way and it has worked very well.

7) With the Superyacht Industry changing quickly, especially in regards to cryptocurrency and digital art, are there any project ideas related to this that you may have in the works?

I have been studying the crypto market and digital art (NFT) a bit, but in order to succeed in this area, it takes a lot of time to learn the market, and it’s something between what I do in the real world (Social media, new yacht projects, sales charters, etc) and the virtual world. Where you create something and wait for people to mind it. I can’t say I will not go into this world but for now, I’m focused on real-life things.

8) Lastly, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Interesting question! Short answer? I see myself on top yachting world! My yachts projects on the water, being the top broker and being the best in every aspect of the yachting world. I simply want to give my very best in yachting with all I can.

Your Top 3 tips for becoming a successful influencer within any industry worldwide:

  • 1) Be passionate about what you do whether it be yachts, cars, or real estate. And, give your best on it, never think about how long it takes, just think what is your main goal to achieve. Good things don’t happen overnight.
  • 2) Always know your audience and read their comments, even if you can’t reply. The people who follow us are the ones that keep us motivated with their support. And once you find out,  post things that they find interesting and that’s the main way to succeed in social media.
  • 3) With Instagram launching new features such as a reel, they are helping people grow way faster. But, growing from 0 is still hard work. It’s like a puzzle game- collect pieces in order to create the figure, but the main thing is to love what you do so you never get tired of doing it. Success is to keep succeeding.

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