Ah, the end of a day… whether it’s been one your glad to see the back of or one to celebrate, they all end with a sunset. We can’t deny it, we are all sunset lovers, those orange and pink candy floss skies fill our social media feeds… because who wouldn’t want to capture Mother Nature’s ending performance before dusk?

Sunsets are witnessed around the world, they are never the same twice and look perfect from the ocean and luckily for superyachts, cruising destinations boast some of the best sunset spots on the planet. From the long leisurely sunsets of the Mediterranean, the dramatic and quick ones of the Caribbean to the tropical and colourful vibes in the Pacific. Whether it’s guests watching from the aft deck with champagne in hand, crew watching from the galley porthole whilst washing up or crew off charter relaxing after work with sundowners, that warm glow always improves morale.


Sunset Shirley Heights
Image credit: handluggageonly.co.uk

What better way to see a sunset than with a sundowner in hand and a steel band in the background, soak up the juicy rum cocktails and an idyllic sunset at the Shirley Heights lookout. On Sundays, locals and tourists flock up here from late afternoon to secure the best sunset spot and then party on into the night. A great place for seeing out not only another day in paradise but the weeks end.

Key West

Image credit: 10best.com | Felipe Correa

The sunsets are so good in the Florida Keys that there are nightly celebrations to see out the day. Crowds gather in Mallory Square to see the sun sink down into the Gulf of Mexico. This daily event welcomes everyone, a fun spot to watch the sun go down with local performers, food and drinks to compliment the sky turning different shades of red and orange.


Sunset Santorini
Image credit: Vladimir Hodac

Known as one of the most famous sunset spots in Europe, it’s easy to see why Santorini has bagged this title. This mecca of sunsets has a few different places for fabulous viewing, whether you trek up to the hillside, nestle amongst some whitewashed houses with the crowds or enjoy it from sea level, these sunsets won’t be forgotten quickly.


Sunset Tahiti
Image credit: tahiti.intercontinental.com

Watch the sunset into crystal clear Pacific waters whilst enjoying Pacific hospitality. There isn’t a bad place to watch a sunset here but for a taste of luxury head to the Intercontinental Resort. Here you can witness the sunset from hammocks that sway from overwater bungalows or from the infinity pool as it disappears into the ocean ahead.


Sunset Norway
Image credit: renatures.com

All good things in life are worth waiting for right? Sunsets aren’t just about tropical locations, up in the northern hemisphere Norway boasts some amazing sunset shows. With the midnight sun, it means you can enjoy longer days and then a jaw-dropping sunset to end just before bedtime, a win, win situation.

The Bahamas

Sunset Bahamas

When the hot afternoon sun starts to cool, the best way to experience it start to disappear in the Bahamas is to take a dip in the clear waters out on anchor to witness a truly peaceful and colourful display.


Sunset Venice
Image credit: Muratart

If the winding canals, stunning architecture and romantic vibe aren’t enough for Venice to win you over in the daytime, then sunset hour will impress. Watch the sky turn into a golden twilight masterpiece from a few places; for a bustling sunset head to the iconic Piazza San Marco or the Rialto Bridge where it sets behind the gondolas, or for a calmer experience head up to the Hilton rooftop bar to watch the crowds below.

Costa Rica

Sunset Costa Rica
Image credit: Colin D. Young

No matter where you are on Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, the end of day light is something not to miss. The Manuel Antonio National Park is a particularly special sunset spot, where the mountains meet the sea and is surrounded by jungle. After a days surfing, don’t leave before the sunset, Playa Tamarindo is a popular surf and sunset location for a reason.

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