Today we talk with Nikita. In February this year, Nikita and her partner launched the latest bespoke fitness equipment on the market, KLINK! Klink specialises in high quality, easy to use and easy to store dumbbells. They use the latest Fitlok technology, which removes the inconvenience of storing different weights. With Fitlok’s modular system, twist it, click it and lift it!

What made you want to design your own range of dumbbells?

Over the first lockdown, I hired some equipment from a local gym. My husband also had various weights he had gathered from over the years, mostly dumbbells with threaded bars. Changing the load to suit both of us was so inconvenient. Equipment was cluttering our home and was not ideal. I wanted some better compact equipment; because of the demand, there was not much available online.

KLINK – 4 Sets Fitlock Technology

How and where did KLINK begin?

The idea for Klink began in May 2020. With COVID-19 affecting businesses in all areas, I thought the engineering sector was going to take a hit. I wanted to design a product that could potentially help us further grow our company. Given my problem with fitness equipment and storage, the idea came along quite easily. I discussed my idea with my husband & after a few days of bouncing the idea around; we decided to get some design assistance and get a prototype together.

What makes your equipment unique from any others on the market?

We are currently the only marine grade adjustable dumbbell system on the market. Our Fitlok technology is currently patent-pending, and the ability to interchange our weight modules between barbells and dumbbells is incredibly unique. We pride ourselves on the quality and craft that goes into our product. With the option of bespoke storage plus an added touch of custom, branding makes our adjustable system even more personal for the user.


Working on a yacht, we are extremely restricted with space. Are KLINK Dumbbells easy to store?

Klink dumbbells are ideal for any environment with limited space. Our modular system enables a great weight range with little equipment. We offer our equipment in a storage case on wheels, allowing all dumbbells to be packed away securely and aids in transporting the equipment. For Yacht interiors, we have designed some fantastic bespoke storage solutions that cater for that luxurious feel. Klink is practical but also stylish and can integrate into all areas of a yacht.

KLINK – Wall Storage

One thing we do love is the ability to uniquely brand all of your equipment. Could you explain how you can do this?

Yes, all clients can work closely with us to customize our equipment to suit their own brand or theme in various materials and finishes. The ability to Choose your logo plate material, colours, and style will bring your fitness equipment to another level and make this personal and unique to you. We also offer custom cases in a range of colours and branding to suit your requirements.

As well as offering this personalisation on our current range, the equipment weight range itself is also customizable. So, if you require your own specific weight combination, we have that covered.

KLINK – Bespoke Branding

Have they been tried and tested? Will your weights be rust-resistant when it comes to the harsh salty climate they will be exposed to on a yacht?

We have put Klink weights through some rigorous testing. Stainless steel is a premium durable material, so ideal to go the distance, and as we manufacture in 316 marine grades for any bespoke yacht projects, the harsh climates will not be a problem for KLINK. Our storage cases are also waterproof and anti-corrosion.

For more information on KLINK products, go to You can contact the company directly at to find out more about their current collection.

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