Bringing your superyacht to Cowes Harbour means enjoying unparalleled services and facilities designed to make your stay as smooth and enjoyable as possible. With its state-of-the-art facilities, prime location, and extensive amenities, Cowes Harbour offers a splendid selection of benefits for superyachts looking to moor in the central Solent. Here’s why it should be your go-to choice.

Great Central Solent Location

Cowes Harbour is strategically located in the central Solent, making it an ideal spot for you if your superyacht is seeking easy access to the best sailing waters in the region and all the services that complement the industry.

This prime location ensures you are at the heart of the action, with quick and convenient routes to the gorgeous Isle of Wight and various mainland destinations.

Superyacht Mooring Options

Cowes Harbour boasts 4,300 meters of pontoons, 276 swinging moorings, and 40 pile moorings, accommodating vessels with draughts up to 4.5m in the main harbour and 3.0m in the river. Whether you prefer pontoon berths on the fairway side of Shepards Marina or a high water visit to the peaceful moorings further up the River Medina, there’s a perfect spot for your smaller superyacht.

For those smaller superyachts looking for cost-effective alternatives, Cowes Harbour offers less expensive options outside the marina. There are pontoon berths in the Whitegates area for draughts up to 3.0m or swinging moorings in Cowes Roads with stunning Solent views.

For larger or deeper drafted superyachts, Cowes can cater for vessels up to 150m in the anchorage just a few minutes tender run from the town centre.

Privacy & Seclusion At Anchor

For those seeking a bit of privacy (and your guests may very well want a bit of peace and quiet), Cowes Harbour offers excellent anchorage options.

Enjoy tranquillity and seclusion away from the busy marina within easy reach of all the amenities Cowes has to offer. Just a few minutes by tender, you can be in the heart of the quaint, bustling town with some top-notch options for food, yachting apparel or simply a newspaper. 

In addition to its many other benefits, Cowes Harbour offers comparatively cheap anchorage options for all sizes of superyacht.

This cost-effective solution allows superyacht crew to enjoy Cowes without breaking the bank whilst providing convenient options to suit all your needs.

Exploring By Tender

If you get the tides right, you can explore the picturesque river Medina all the way to the Island’s Capital of Newport. With much of the river classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), those looking to soak up the beauty of an estuarine environment can do so in peace by visiting the moorings further up the river Medina, which are particularly great for their serenity and proximity to the charming Folly Inn.

Comprehensive Services & Support

Cowes Harbour is home to a wide range of marine services, from specialist aluminium ship building and repairs to local chandleries and almost everything in between. There are specialists that can fix your outboards, carry out gel coat and tube repairs, rigging repairs and some highly specialised paint and valeting services.

The Harbour Patrol team provides 365-day safety and security checks around the Harbour to ensure all users are enjoying the water sensibly. Additionally, the harbour water taxi service adds an extra layer of convenience if you wish to head ashore and enjoy the wide variety of pubs and restaurants.

For fuelling needs, the Cowes Harbour Fuel Berth, located 200 meters south of the Cowes Floating Bridge, supplies marine fuels, gas, and lubricating oils. The facility provides ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, free from biodiesel and features an automatic declaration facility for ease of use. Due to the size of the pontoon, this is restricted to vessels up to 45m but great for topping up your tenders and PWC’s.

To get in touch about your upcoming visit to the Isle of Wight, you know where to go. Cowes Harbour is here for your every need.

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