Stewardesses and stews! Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for owners and guests or organising a lavish event onboard, impeccable table service sets the tone for the night ahead. Here are some top tips to ensure you’re doing table service right.

12 Top Tips!

  1. Set the Scene: Allocate yourself at least an hour to set the table. Begin with table decorations at the centre, followed by place settings and glassware. Wearing some white gloves might add a touch of elegance to the process and make sure you don’t get your fingerprints on anything! Don’t forget any side tables (mise-en-place), and to organise your pantry.
  2. Menu Mastery: Memorise the menu inside out, including ingredients and dietary specifics like gluten-free or vegan options. Knowing this ensures that you appear confident and give the right recommendations ato your guests
  3. Attention to Detail: It’s the little things that make a big difference. Observe guests closely to anticipate their preferences, whether it’s adding lemon wedges or offering condiments promptly.
  4. Seamless Refills: Instead of asking if guests need a refill, keep their glasses topped up.
  5. Wine Wisdom: From temperature to glass selection, you must know your wine! Also, never let the wine bottle touch the glass into which you are pouring. Ensure you use the correct silverware and adhere to wine service etiquette for a polished experience.
  6. Timing is Everything: Avoid clearing the table too soon! You won’t want your guests to feel rushed. Wait for clear signals they’re finished, such as napkins on plates or cutlery positioning. Keep the galley informed ton how it’s going to avoid any mistakes or the chef preparing food too soon!
  7. Respect Hierarchy: Serve guests according to proper protocol. Prioritise the main female guest first. Always heed the guidance of your chief stew to tailor service to the people you’re serving.
  8. Circle The Table The Right Way: Go around the table clockwise to avoid collisions with other staff.
  9. Prompt Corrections: If items fall on the ground, replace them immediately, even if guests insist it’s unnecessary. Preparedness with extra supplies is crucial for seamless service.
  10. Don’t Interrupt Conversations: Wait for appropriate moments to interact with guests, avoiding interruptions during conversations. Patience is key.
  11. Avoid Saying “I Don’t Know”: Always follow up with a commitment to find the answer if you’re unsure if you can provide what a guest is asking for.
  12. Watch Your Movement: Move around the table as gracefully as you can. You don’t want to bump into any furniture or other people which might put your guests off!

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