Refit International has quickly become the leading marine engineering and outfitting specialist in the Superyacht industry. The company now operates globally, working closely with shipyards, applicators, and Captains on some of the most iconic superyachts to date. We recently caught up with Matthew Pidsley, the Managing Director, who discussed the story behind Refit International, but also the importance of the how and the why of hardware installation.

About Refit International:

The team is made up of shipyard and commercial engineers, as well as ex-yacht crew. Located in the UK, the business is run from two locations, one of which is its in-house fabrication facility.

Matthew Pidsley, Managing Director adds:

“Our team remove and install vessel hardware for paint works, overhaul hydraulic systems and fabricate metal. I’d say that 90% of our team are on the tools, the client doesn’t pay for suits. We are predominantly Engineers and Outfitters but cover a range of additional refit services. The Brits make up the majority, but we also have a couple of Italians and Aussies, which keeps the problem solving open-minded and the workplace banter fresh. One of our unique advantages is that almost half of the RI team are ex yacht crew, who reached the point where shore-based life is more appealing than another circumnavigation!

During the refit process, I place a great deal of emphasis on the how and the why of hardware installation – How we do it, but more importantly why we do it the way we do it! Until you’ve been to sea, I don’t believe you can fully appreciate why systems are designed the way they are. In terms of the type of work refit international does, we do a lot of installations, fault finding, and retrofitting. It gives us the edge when all the team has served time at sea.”

“90% of the team are on the tools; the client doesn’t pay for suits.”

Meet the Refit International Team

Behind the shipyard scenes.

RI Vessel Refit and New-Build service:

When it comes down to the vessel refit and new build services, the Marine Engineering and Outfitting team is involved in three core aspects:

Hardware, Caulking, & Glass

-The removal and reinstallation of exterior vessel hardware and associated components for re-sprays and new builds. Refit International work hand-in-hand with deck hardware providers, Harken, providing large amounts of hardware used in their projects.

Auxiliary Hydraulic equipment

-Installation, service, & certification of electromechanical systems such as hydraulic transom doors, Passerelles, Rescue Boat Cranes, Shell doors, load testing, anchoring systems, lifting keels, and Harken Access Rails

Stainless Fabrication & Polishing

-Including stairs, handrails, cowling, anchor pockets, windscreens, bollards, cleats, fairleads, locks, latches, etc.

Over the years, RI has worked with various companies within the yachting industry, such as MGMT Yachts and Harken. Through building these trusted relationships they have established themselves as one of the most reliable teams in their field. They’re approved by Flag and Class on installation procedures, as well as offering a range of Harken-approved installations. As a result of this, they’re one of the few companies that can demonstrate approved load testing and operational certification on their installations worldwide.

Superyacht Refit - Pendennis Shipyard, Falmouth

What is it that the team stands by?

RI stands by its exacting and professional standards. Matt and the team are passionate about conveying this to Captains and Owners by offering a 12-month warranty on all their services, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

In addition to the above, the number of females working in the yachting industry is rapidly rising, and the current employees at Refit are all in favor of driving diversity and change within the industry. For this reason, Matt and the guys are keen for female engineers to step forwards to showcase their skills and join the team.

The leading marine engineering and outfitting specialists have worked on a whole host of iconic Superyachts in the past year – you could probably even recognise a few yourself…  But unfortunately, when the company undertakes work on some vessels, it comes with signing a non-disclosure agreement. This means some details of operations remain largely unknown.

7 Superyachts Refit International is proud to have worked with in the past year:

1. 100m+ ‘Oceanco’

Bravo Eugenia
Photo by MGMT Yachts

2. 74m ‘Amels’

74m M/Y Avanti
Photo by Superyacht Times

3. 60m M/Y Slipstream

60m M/Y Slipstream is currently working with refit international

4. 68m M/Y Triple Seven

68m M/Y Triple Seven underwent a refit with marine and outfitting specialists, Refit International

5. 56m M/Y ‘Delta Marine’

6. 45m M/Y Ile Sole

45m M/Y Ile Sole previously underwent a refit by the team at refit international
Photo by Benetti Yachts

7. 58m S/Y ‘Royal Huisman’

Having worked on projects in locations all over the world; Including Holland, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico, and Thailand, and currently in the UK. At present, there’s a 60m Motor Yacht undergoing a Refit and re-paint at the Pendennis Shipyard facility in Falmouth, Cornwall.
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