Riza Tansu is a man who has enjoyed much success on the busy banks of the Bosporus with his design studio and yard, Tansu Yachts. In the last 12 months, Tansu has launched an impressive four superyachts (do we hear the rumblings of a record here?). Now back in Istanbul after a few busy weeks of travelling, we speak to Tansu for some exclusive insight into what’s behind the success of the company.

Riza Tansu | Image credit: superyachts.com

“Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the infrastructure here is second to none. It is a privilege to live in this very inspirational place as a designer and superyacht builder.” – Riza Tansu

Tansu is inspired and influenced by simple and honest design, which is evident in every aspect of the yard and the vessels it builds. He attributes the yard’s success to its simplistic approach and unique perspective, filling a niche in the marketplace for those searching for a vessel that is less ostentatious than most and one that shuns the trends of the day. Tansu’s designs, along with naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design, focus on cruising performance and understated luxury – large, expansive deck areas with external galleys and relaxed seating arrangements that take precedence over infinity pools and waterfalls.

SEXY FISH | Image credit: Jeff Brown

With this less is more approach, Tansu finds inspiration from his country’s rich traditions, across other industries, and from his childhood. He fondly remembers his father’s Oldsmobile, “I was looking for a sister car for a long time and found one in the States. After 45 years, when I saw the car, I realized how its design made a profound impact on me when I was a kid.” Think minimalist with clean lines without sacrificing exceptional performance and function.

CYCLONE | Image credit: Jeff Brown

The latest string of successful launches includes the 39.3m SEXY FISH (winner of a 2017 Showboats Design Award), 38.4m HIGHLIGHT, 39.1m ESOSH, and 43.7m CYCLONE – the yard’s largest build to date. With a further four yachts in build totalling over 155 meters in cumulative length, there seems to be no stopping this Turkish team and Riza Tansu is confident about the next few years. “I’m very positive about the future of the Turkish superyacht industry; although I can’t offer knowledge of the country’s output figures, on the whole, I work like a lunatic, and I just concentrate on what we’re doing!”

Why we’d choose Tansu

Tansu Yachts has delivered over 22 superyachts in its 21-year history. Based in Istanbul, this boutique yard specializes in the construction of both steel and aluminium yachts, in addition to cold-moulded wood construction while maintaining a small production allowing the yard to focus on producing the highest quality superyachts.

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